The Dreaming



  07.19.2013 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, AZ TBD TBD TBD Tickets  
  08.03.2013 The Whisky Hollywood, CA TBD TBD TBD TBD  
  08.10.2013 Bar Sinister Hollywood, CA TBD TBD $10/$15 Tickets  
  08.30.2013 Liquid Joe's Salt Lake City, UT TBD TBD TBD Events Calendar  
  08.31.2013 Aftershock Kansas City, KS 6PM TBD $10 Tickets  
  09.02.2013 Foundry Cleveland, OH 7PM TBD $10 Tickets  
  09.03.2013 Aldo's Altoona, PA 8PM ALL TBD TBD  
  09.04.2013 Hard Rock Cafe Pittsburgh, PA 8PM 21+ $10/$12 Tickets  
  09.05.2013 The Legendary Dobbs Philadelphia, PA 7PM 21+ $15 Facebook Page | Tickets  
  09.06.2013 House of Rock Baltimore, MD 7PM 18+ $15/$17 Tickets  
  09.07.2013 Irving Plaza New York City, NY 8PM ALL $50 Triton Fest - Facebook Page | Tickets  
  09.08.2013 The Empire Springfield, VA 7PM ALL $12 Tickets  
  09.10.2013 Jack's Live Music Bar San Antonio, TX TBD TBD TBD Events Calendar  
  09.12.2013 Martini Ranch Scottsdale, AZ 7PM 18+ $15 Tickets  
  09.13.2013 Club Vinyl/HR Hotel Las Vegas, NV 8PM TBD FREE Event Page  
  11.15.2013 Club Vinyl/HR Hotel Las Vegas, NV TBD TBD TBD NIN After Party Show  

The Dreaming - Brief Bio

Formed in Los Angeles, THE DREAMING deliver a passionate and truly unique mix of new wave, metal, electronic and darkwave - capturing an aggressive and emotional rock ‘n’ roll eruption. Featuring vocalist Christopher Hall, former frontman of platinum-selling artist Stabbing Westward along with former Stabbing Westward/Econoline Crush drummer Johnny Haro. Also featuring Carlton Bost (Deadsy and Orgy) on guitar along with Brent Ashley (Static X) on bass guitar. The Dreaming have grown a strong underground legion of fans. "PUPPET" was Christopher's first major label release since the demise of Stabbing Westward.

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